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velayudham-music-review VELAYUDHAM MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : P.G. Devi

Starring: Vijay, Genelia, Hansika Motwani, Saranya Mohan, Santhanam
Direction: Jeyam Raja
Music: Vijay Antony
Production: Aascar Films
Vocals: Haricharan, Srimathumitha, Prasanna, Supriya Joshi, Karthik, Charulatha Mani, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran, Vijay Antony, Veera Shankar, Mark
Lyrics: Annamalai, Viveka, Siva Shanmugam, Priyan

Velayutham, directed by M.Raja and produced by Aascar's Ravichandran has bankable star-cast of Vijay, Genelia and Hansika Motwani. Ever since the humongous success of Vijay and Vijay Antony combination in 'Vettaikaran', there has been much hype about this project. Let’s see if Vijay Antony can do it this time around?

Rathathin Rathamay...
Singers:  Haricharan, Srimathumitha

This opening track offers colorful, cosmic intro of the hero's brotherly affection for his sister. Annamalai’s well conceived verses could refer to the sibling character as well as Vijay's fans. It delivers a strong hero impact with the support of routine wordings in its packaging like, 'Neenga romba naal nalla irrukanum'. Vijay Antony has given an impressive track which is loud yet lighter and catchier. Haricharan's subtly vocalized version works well, exuding a lovable monologue for the male lead.

Molachu Moonu...  
Singers:  Prasanna, Supriya Joshi
Lyrics: Viveka

Vijay Antony gleams out to produce a soft-folklore composing in 'molachu' song. Distinctive from the musical flavor of the album, it is soothing, earthy and mature. The interesting arrangements make wise use of catchy lyrics to churn out an attractive listen. Prasanna and Supriya Joshi's zealous singing can be termed as the highlight of the song. It is one of memorable Vijay Antony's tunes.


Singers: Karthik, Charulatha Mani
Lyrics: Annamalai

If you enjoyed , 'En Uchimandai' in Vettaikaran, then you will be chilled by this fest. The song is a good amalgam of peppiness and vibrant beats with old-fashioned Bagavathar type musical inclusions .It is a signature style kuthu song with dancing beat from Vijay Antony. Karthik and Charulatha Mani's tangible and captivating vocals deliver the happy and chirpy feel to the song.

Mayam Seidhayo...  
Singers: Sangeetha Rajeshwaran
Lyrics: Viveka

 It is a trendy, dreamy song with delightful composition. Quality singing is the hallmark of the track and Sangeetha Rajeshwaran does a striking rendition. The track about female character adoring her heart-stealer, is an engrossing number that should be going well with listeners, and definitely deserves to top the charts.

Sonna Puriyadhu...
Singers: Vijay Antony, Veera Shankar
Lyrics: Siva Shanmugam

Here comes our mass hero introduction song. This time around, it sounds folkish with lavish use of thara, thapattai, thavil and urmi instruments blended in. Vijay Antony's snazzy voice and Veera Shankar's initial interludes packs the required punch. With more visually appealing aura of festive village ambience, it is bound to entertain Vijay fans. However it unconsciously triggers our memories of 'Nee entha ooru' song from Thirupachi.

Vela Vela...  
Singers: Vijay Antony, Mark
Lyrics: Priyan

This hugely promoted song of the film is the theme music that would serve as a background score for the flick. Vijay Antony's stylized, hi-impulse beat number will work magic on-screen with Ilaya Thalapathi. This delirious musical piece is composed keeping in mind the compelling moments of the film.

Vijay Antony continues to flaunt his success this time around with Velayutham. The album has a bunch of entertaining soundtrack like, 'Molachu moonu', 'Mayam Seidhayo' and usual mass beat tracks  'Sonna Puriyadhu' and 'Vela Vela'.

Verdict: Velayutham - Vijay Antony's feast for Vijay fans.

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