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Review by : Malathy Sundaram
Music Director : D. Imman
Vocals : Anitha, Ranjith, Aarti Kanklikar, D Imman, Krish, Rita, Aarti Kanklikar, Dinesh Kanakarathinam.
Lyrics : Snegan, Tabu Sankar, D. Imman.
Produced by V. Bharani, directed by Kanmani (of ‘Aaha Ethanai Azhagu’ fame), this film stars Parimal and Sandhya in lead roles with Suman Shetty, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Dhanraj, Rajyalakshmi, Raja Sridhar and Mahadevan essaying supporting roles. D. Imman, fresh from his ‘Maasilamani’ success, scores the music for this film and the album lists six songs. They have been penned by Snegan, Tabu Sankar and Imman.

Vaalu Paiyane...
Vocals: Anitha, Ranjith
Lyrics: Snegan

Composed on the Kiravani raga scale, this song has pleasing accompaniment from the guitars, violins, clarinet (?) and drums. The refrain ‘dhiranaa dhiranaa’ adds a lot of charm to the song with its swaras that go ‘sa ni ni----ga ma pa ma ga--- etc.’ Anitha sings with a lot of verve. Could jump onto the charts

Puchandi Puchandi...
Vocals: Aarti Kanklikar


This singer mesmerizes you with her vocal prowess, especially in her ‘ahaara’ sangatis. The repeated swaras ‘ni sa ri sa ni sa ri ni sa---’ show up the Chakravaham raga sweetly. Some dramatic notes from the violins and the subtly changing rhythm patterns maintain a distinct tension in the song without going over the top. The lyrics too are well written.

Ragalakkara Maaman...

Vocals: D. Imman
Lyrics: Snegan

Ha, ha, ha, this is a real cute number with an odd ‘retro’ feel to it and Imman has pulled it off well too! The guitars have a field day and the instrumental interludes are spunky too. The start where the guitars go ‘ma ga pa ma ma ga ma ri sa’ show up the Karaharapriya scale. The refrain ‘vaadi vaadi en’ which brings together the high pitched charanams and the pallavi is delectable. Could hit the charts right away.

Aruvi Polae...
Lyrics: Tabu Sankar

Such silken rendering from Krish! This song hops along merrily to the accompaniment of strings. The lyrics are sentimental and a bit over the top. Is it the bouzouki or mandolin we hear in the first interlude? Is that the pipa we hear as a flash at the end? Anyway, a well put-together number in the Natabairavi scale.

Ading Ading...
Imman, Rita
Lyrics: D. Imman

Oh, boy! Here we go, with another barnstormer of a song! Rita may well get ready for another hit. Full of energetic beats (both native and western) and cheery guitars, this song is likely to impact the youth straightaway. Seems set on the Harikamboji scale. Thirumurthi’s nagaswaram adds a lot of fire to the song. Makes you want to shake your legs. Could explode on the screen if choreographed well.

Aarti Kanklikar, Dinesh Kanakarathinam
Lyrics: Snegan

Song No.2 with some additional vocals and an interesting assemblage of junkyard sounds in the background.


The fan base that Imman built up after Maasilamani is likely to expand even further with this fun album. This young man is slowly carving a special niche for himself in the Tamil Film Music world. The jacket lists a whole lot of instruments - Woodwinds, Pipa, Banjolin, Bouzouki, Harp, Lute, Mandolin and others. It’s a pity we don’t get to hear them as clearly as we’d like to.
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