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thuppakki-music-review THUPPAKKI MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board

Starring: Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, Jayaram, Vidyut Jamwal, Sathyan
Direction: A. R. Murugadoss
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Production: Kalaipuli S. Dhanu

Thuppakki brings together Vijay and Harris Jayaraj again after the successful Nanban, for one of the year’s most anticipated projects. The album has 6 songs and 1 instrumental theme. One of the key highlights being the return of Vijay as a singer.

Kutti Puli Kootam..  
Singer(s): Hariharan, Tippu, Additional vocals by Narayanan, Satyan & Ranina Reddy
Lyrics: Viveka

A wailing chant in Hindi welcomes the listeners and they are soon greeted by galloping Indian percussions. The lyrics indicate it to be the hero’s introduction but it’s refreshingly restrained rather than being an over-the-top explosive intro song. The orchestration during the verses is fairly minimalistic throwing emphasis in the words and the rhythm. Hariharan delivers this song in his imitable style and injects the tune with more energy. The chorus adds the cherry on top of this treat for Vijay fans.

Singer(s): Vijay Prakash, Krish, Rajeev (Rap), Additional vocals by Devan
Lyrics: Karky

The track is completely guitar driven. There are strains of acoustic, distortion and a funk style guitar sound that make for the groove of the song. The combination of Vijay Prakash and Krish sounds like a good choice of singers for Vijay. The vocal harmonies on show are beautifully executed. The words by Karky are youthful.

Poi Varava..
Singer(s): Karthik, Additional Vocals by Chinmayi
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

A melancholic tune set to the sounds of mostly an acoustic guitar. The words by Pa.Vijay suggest that this is a song about the pain of an army officer leaving home. The beautiful bugle interlude reaffirms the connection with the army. The song attempts to capture both the patriotic as well as the human emotions of a soldier. Karthik sings it in just the right emotions to raise enough sympathy without making it sound overtly pathos.

Google google..   
Singer(s): Vijay, Andrea, Rap – Joe, Krishna Iyer
Lyrics: Karky

Harris offers a track in the electropop genre that’s become ever so popular with artists like LMFAO and Psy. The song’s real highlight would certainly have to be the playful lyrics. The words are carefully penned to cater to the youth’s current sensibilities like nightlife, internet and so forth. The song serves as perfect platform for Vijay to return as a singer and he performs it in a gracefully laidback style that’s a reflection of his personality. The spoken-word rap segments are quirky and enjoyable and build up nicely to a catchy chorus. One feels that the track might also give some insight about the chemistry between the lead pair.

Singer(s): Hariharan, Bombay Jayashri
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Harris Jayaraj turns to his ace singing pair of Hariharan and Bombay Jayashri to croon this melody. This is probably the reason why this song gives the listener some semblance of compositions from Bheema. The song opens with a charming Hindi chorus but makes a forceful transition into the Tamil verses. But the Hindi chorus returns later in the song justifying its presence. Flute and Flamenco parts featured in this track stand out for instrumental performances. Adding a delay to the flute solo is a clever production by the composer. Na. Muthukumar’s words are deep and romantic.

Alaikka laikaa…  
Singer(s): Javed Ali, Sayanora Philip, Sharmila
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

It’s total electric guitar overdrive on this song that’s backed by a pounding drum-line that is sustained throughout the song. The drum-line helps to keep the track up-tempo and bouncy all throughout. The guitar picking in the background is a common Harris touch but it can go unnoticed if your volume levels are low. The lyrics are designed to play to the gallery by keeping it colloquial and fun like making references to Agarwal sweets and such. Javed Ali and Sayanora lend their unique voices for a track that is manufactured towards Vijay’s strength as a supreme dancer.

Jagdish On A Mission (Theme)

The theme traverses from a down tempo electronic segment that has heroic undertones into a menacing distorted guitar driven hard rock segment that’s racy and intense only to return to the opening down tempo segment, this time sounding accomplished and victorious.

Verdict: Overall it’s a good album with tracks that you can trust Vijay to add a lot of weight to with his dancing skills.

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