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vengai-music-review VENGHAI MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board

Starring: Dhanush, Thamannah, Raj Kiran, Prakash Raj, Ganja Karuppu
Direction: Hari
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Production: Sun Pictures
Vocals: Benny Dayal, Baba Segal, Karthik, DSP, MLR Karthikeyan, Tippu, Harini, Mukesh, Suchitra
Lyrics: Vivega, Hari

Following the huge success of Singam, Hari and Devi Sri Prasad are back with ‘Vengai’. The album comprises of 5 tracks amongst which couple of songs are fast-beat mass numbers while rest of the tracks are melodies. Director Hari has penned lyrics for a song and other songs have the lyrical lines of Vivega. 
Voices: Benny Dayal, Baba Segal
Lyrics: Vivega

‘Heroisms’ and ‘Violence’ have been unavoidable factors in Hari’s films. The lyrical lines of title song ‘Dhinam Dhinam’ makes it clear that ‘Vengai’ isn’t an exception. Remember the punch dialogue of Suriya in ‘Vel’, where he speaks on different type of fuels to burn up. Over here, we have the protagonist advising everyone, especially women to attack boldly the enemies during dangerous circumstances. Say for instance the lines, ‘Konda Oosi Kuthina Kathiyaa Maarum, Kannadi Valaiyala Odachi Pidicha Thaaru Maara Keerum… Aruvamanaiyum Aayutham Aagum Evanum Theripaanae…’  Baba Segal’s rap during the end emblazons the number. Benny Dayal renders the song with the right feel.

Vocals: Karthik
Lyrics: Vivega

Devi Sri Prasad adds ‘Reggae’ effect to the song with the rhythms with a solid note played on bass guitar. It has been illustrious that ‘Karthik’ and ‘Melody’ are two inseparable terms as the talented singer has rendered several melodies that are chartbusters. ‘Kaalangathala’ has simple orchestration as DSP gives more space for the singer to perform while instruments gain importance during the interludes. 

Yenna Solla Pora
Vocals: DSP MLR Karthikeyan
Lyrics: Hari

Remember DSP’s ‘Poo Parikka Neeyum Pogathey’ in Unakkum Enakkum? The song carries similar traces over its pattern and so are the style of renditions by DSP and MLR Karthikeyan. The visuals will have more to decide on the song’s result. There isn’t much usage of instrumentals while we can sense some innovative works in fill-ins. MLR Karthikeyan steals the show his high-pitched vocalisms.

Orey Oru   
Vocals: Tippu & Harini
Lyrics: Vivega

The song slightly reminiscences of ‘Paakaadha Enna Paakaadha’ from Hari’s yesteryear film Aaru. The song doesn’t comprise of grand orchestrations as it runs completely on simple rhythms while Tippu and Harini deliver their best. Most of the lines by Vivega are clichéd as we have heard some in many songs.  Moreover, the song is like a slow poison that will capture our interests as the time proceeds.

Pudikale Pudikudhu
Vocals: Mukesh, Suchitra
Lyrics: Vivega

A typical Kuthu number catering to the tastes of rural cohorts and it is more revealing with the style of composition and intonation by singers. Devi Sri Prasad goes for a right selection of singers – Mukesh and Suchitra. The song might work out well with the visuals and fast-paced dance steps.

‘Vengai’ has couple of cherry-picks ‘Kaalangathala’ and ‘Orey Oru' that easily draws our attention while rest of the songs isn’t up to the mark.

Verdict: Middling piece of work.

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