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mugamoodi-music-review MUGAMOODI MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : Kaushik L.M

Starring: Jiiva, Narain, Pooja Hegde
Direction: Mysskin
Music: K
Production: UTV Motion Pictures
Vocals: Aalaap Raju, Mysskin, Chinmayi
Lyrics: Madhan Karky, Mysskin

Mugamoodi is hailed as an authentic superhero movie. Starring Jiiva, Narain and Pooja Hegde, the film is directed by Mysskin and UTV Motion Pictures are the producers. Young composer K provides the music for this much hyped venture. Let’s see if he delivers…

Vaayamoodi summa iruda...  
Aalaap Raju
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

The guitar notes are a beautiful backdrop to this cute number which has a simple tune. Aalaap Raju is truly spellbinding. The chorus makes the song even more endearing while the interspersed dialogues are engaging. This song is sure to make a mark for the sheer melody and the simple yet classy instrumental accompaniments. A great start to the album.

Lullaby for loss Theme

This theme is very sober with gentle guitar notes. It will surely sooth your senses. The song sounds like a lullaby true to its title. Towards the end, the theme picks up and becomes more intense and dramatic.

Kudi vaazhthu...
Lyrics: Mysskin

After ‘Kannadasan Kaarakudi’, this is yet another number rendered by Mysskin based on the TASMAC crowd and the culture of boozing to forget all worldly worries. The tempo is slow and the percussions have also been toned down. The lines ‘Bodha Illadha Sandhoshama, Raja Illadha Sangeethama’ pack a punch in the song where the lyrics stand out even otherwise. The mellow instrumental track before the first stanza, adds more drama to the song.

Blue panther on the prowl Theme...  

This is the heroic theme that is being played along with the trailer. It has enough tempo and pace to send the pulse racing. This might sound great along with some nice chase sequences on screen. The starting of the theme has a distinct Hans Zimmer touch.

Madhan Karky

This song has more than a fair share of seriousness in it. Chinmayi sounds different in this song compared to her general peppy numbers and the instrumentals before the second stanza stand out. Somehow it turns out to be a typical Myskkin number, which we have heard in his earlier films.

Cape of Good Hope Theme...

This interesting theme again starts off akin to Hans Zimmer’s style. There is a nice orchestra of string and brass instruments, with minimum percussive beats.

Hell Heaven and the Ladder Theme...  

This is really intense despite being a short theme. The violin makes a lot of impact. Superb, one must say.

Come let’s fall in love Theme...

Beautifully titled, this one is very soothing. It takes off from the “Vaayamoodi summa iruda” number. Nice guitar, piano and violin bits add to the relaxing mood. Very long for a theme, though.

Maayavi Flute Theme...

This is the flute rendition of the earlier number by Chinmayi. The flute as such is a divine instrument and it sounds typically mellifluous.

Vaayamoodi summa iruda with guitar...
Aalaap Raju
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

In this version, there are some extra guitar additions to the first number. It just adds more taste to the ultimate outcome. Aalaap Raju can count this as yet another chartbuster in his list.

Don’t drive your car with this music On Theme...  

Another long theme and an eclectic one at that. The beat is really thumping. K has invested a lot of effort into making this one, a theme to savour. Who got such a title for this theme? Pretty indigenous.

Verdict: K’s themes really lift the album and make us look forward to the movie’s BGM score. Among the songs, Aalaap Raju’s number takes the cake. On the whole, the music has provided a good platform for the superhero to soar.

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