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perumaan-music-review PERUMAAN MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : Kaushik L.M

Starring: Arjun, Sruthi, Sriram Vedam, Ashwin, Madan, Jai, Krishna
Direction: Rajesh Kannan J
Music: Luiji, Vikram Sarathy R
Production: Sriram Vedam

Perumaan is another movie totally driven by newcomers. It was launched more than a year back but, is still awaiting release. The movie has a very catchy subtitle “The Rajinikanth”, a definite turn-on. There are 2 composers, again newcomers. The story is set in Chennai and is supposed to be a realistic take on the life of a youth with ample action and romance. Let’s see how the music has turned out.

Bimbilaaki Bilaapi…  
Rajesh Kannan J, Chakravarthy SR
Lyrics: Rajesh Kannan J

A mixture of hip-hop, local kuthu, weird lyrics (???) and a catchy refrain “Bimbilaaki Bilaapi”. The mixing has been done well and it somehow resembles Yuvan’s style, which is a backhanded compliment. The lyrics could have been somewhat more structured even though this song is just meant to entertain. Interesting for sure…

Soppana Sundari…
Keerthana S, Vikram Sarathy R
Lyrics: Rajesh Kannan J

Another local ‘item’ gaana with weird lyrics. The only intention is to give a party time to the listeners. The veena interludes before the first stanza and towards the end sound nice. Has scope for some fast moves by the actors involved.

Om Om Siva…
Madhana Gopal, Sricharan (Rap)
Lyrics: Rajesh Kannan J

A song with heavy western influences, in the way it has been mixed and the way the beats have been structured. The way the English lyrics blend with the Sivaya Nama Om refrain is interesting. An offbeat attempt and the song has a random structure. Experimental piece that might click with some interesting visuals. A different attempt though the lyrics aren’t clearly heard. Quite a noisy and chaotic song.

My Sarah…
Luiji, Smruthi
Lyircs: Luiji

After some heavy numbers high on the noise quotient, there comes a relatively soft love number. That is not to say it is a sober number. There are a lot of techno gimmicks, foot tapping beats, use of the electric guitar and ample use of the synthesizer. Might appeal to the lovelorn crowd in the coming Valentine season. The lyrics are again drowned a bit due to the heavy use of the synthesizer and the mixer. Could visit the charts.

Vaanum Mannum…
Rajesh Kannan J
Lyrics: Rajesh Kannan J

Can’t exactly be categorized as a conventional song. Some passionate rendering accompanied by heavy percussions. Totally dependent on the visuals though the song definitely ups the curiosity levels.

Hey Snehidhiye…
Nikhil Mathew
Lyrics: Rajesh Kannan J

Starts pleasantly with soft piano and guitar instrumentals. The obvious odd man out in the album in that, it has total focus on melody. Has some nice usage of the violin, flute and the tabla. Has the heard before feel inspite of the some obvious pluses. A decent melody. Could visit the charts.

Verdict: An interesting album by the 2 newcomers with focus on heavy songs. Their western and ‘kuthu’ influences are obvious. Definitely worth a shot amid the other new albums.

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