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naan-music-review NAAN MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : Kaushik L.M

Starring: Antony Xavier, Siddharth Venugopal, Rupa Manjari, Anuya
Direction: Jeeva Shankar
Music: Vijay Antony
Production: Murali Raman, Fathima, Vijay Antony
Vocals: Annamalai, Ashmin, Priyan
Lyrics: Krishan, Maheson, Mark, Shakthi Shree, Aathi, Santhosh Hariharan, Vijay Antony, Deepak

Naan has been in the news prominently due to the fact that it is Vijay Antony’s debut as the male lead and it also marks his 25th film as the composer. The audio was launched recently. Does Vijay deliver?

Krishan, Maheson, Mark, Shakthi Shree
Lyrics: Priyan

This song follows Vijay Antony’s trademark style of using incomprehensible words as the title. The song is catchy with good electronic beats, good string interludes and a nice guitar presence. There are some rap bits thrown in to make this song an interesting cocktail. The lyrics reek off positive energy.

Thapellam Thappe Illai…
Aathi, Santhosh Hariharan
Lyrics: Ashmin

The style of this motivational song is in vogue with the current trend. The lyrics switch between English rap and Tamil. Might make a good impact with visuals. Sounds decent as well thanks to the interesting vocals, the beats and the sound effects akin to a club number.

Thapellam Thappe Illai (version 2)…
Vijay Antony

The guitar has a more dominating presence in this version with just the English rap lyrics used from the previous version.

No One is Perfect Theme…

A nice mix of strings, piano and pulsating beats that gives the necessary suspense and expectations for the actual movie. The guitar stands out. A good effort with this theme.

Dinnam Dinnam…
Lyrics: Annmalai

The song begins on a very poignant note with moving strings and the vocals continue the mellow mood all through. The song captures the loneliness and pain of the hero. Will depend on the movie to gain in popularity. The elaborate instrumentals also add to the dramatic and sober mood of the song.

Ulaginil Miga Uyaram…
Vijay Antony
Lyrics: Annamalai

The opening humming is typical of previous Vijay Antony songs from Kadhalil Vizhunthen and then he takes over in his earthy and rustic voice. The lyrics are meant to give a boost to the psyche. The beats have been kept slow paced while the instrumentals are pleasant on the ear.

Verdict: Generally you expect fast paced numbers from Vijay Antony. But, this must count among his more sober efforts. The songs look like aiding the movie’s flow rather than hampering it. Makkayala will rise up the charts.

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