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Review by : Malathy Sundaram
Music Director : Bharadwaj
Vocals : Sunitha Menon, Bharadwaj, Surmukhi, Sricharan, Mukesh, Janani, Kumaran, S.P.Balasubramaniam, Karthikeyan.
Lyrics :  Vairamuthu.
Produced by Ramkumar Sivaji and Prabhu Sivaji and directed by Saran, this movie is the costliest one Ajith has ever done so far. Ajith,( doing the roles of father and son) Bhavana, Sameera Reddy, Yugi Sethu (who writes the dialogues here), Suresh, Raj Krishna, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Kelly Dorji, Koena Mitra--- the list of actors is long! Vairamuthu’s lyrics have been set to music by Bharadwaj and Y-Kinz. The Bharadwaj-Saran-Ajith combination has already given us some fine music-remember Attakasam and Amarkkalam? Parts of this film have been shot in Malaysia and France too. This is one of the first Tamil movies to be screened in Russia. For the curious, the well known Chennai designer Vivek Karunakaran has designed Ajith’s dresses. Without much ado, let us delve into this much-awaited album which has seven tracks.

Asal Theme
Vocals: Sunitha Menon & chorus

You can almost visualize Ajith striding across the screen in this number which seems to have a ‘Bond’ theme music feel to it. Strong rhythms and lyrics that hint at a larger-
than-life personality make up this song, which, though based on the Karaharapriya raga scale, uses the bigger ‘ni’swara to a nice effect. Well sung too, with a hip chorus bit.

Em Thanthaiyae...


What a pity Bharadwaj does not sing more songs! Such a caressing voice which enhances the emotions embedded in the lyrics too. A very sweet use of the Khamas raga and the unhurried notes’pa pa pa ma ri ga ri sa sa’ at the start carry the song forward smoothly. The bugle-like notes and the strings are also very solemn. Could hit the charts.

Kudhiraikku Theriyum...
Surmukhi, Sricharan

Again we have Karaharapriya raga, but set attractively to a western scale. Bharadwaj sounds almost like a DJ here! Even the rapping, amusingly, follows the raga scale! Surmukhi delights you with her spirited rendering. A very catchy number, with the easy swinging notes ’sa ri ga; ri sa ni’ repeated often.

Mukesh, Janani

An amusing ‘fusion’ piece, this song has fun lyrics and some frisky music, especially the accordion-like bit ’sa pa ma pa dha pa ri ma ri sa---‘to the accompaniment of thavil. Can anything ever keep Mukesh down? He just lets rip and Janani matches him step for step. Is quite likely to be relished - especially the final flourish.

Yae Dushyanta...

Surmukhi, Kumaran

Phew! This certainly is a ‘mega-fusion’ number where Pudhiya Paravai meets ‘Yeh Ishq Hai’ meets Bharadwaj’s Natabairavi. Palpably sexy lyrics where the lady prods the hero into recalling an old encounter. The sax music just before the second charanam takes a neat turn into Kapi raga before returning to Natabairavi. How beautiful the old classic song’ Paartha Gnaabagam’ sounds, even now, especially on the sax at the end. This number could be a fence-sitter.

Yengay Yengay...


Oh, what a singer this man is! Whatever action Ajith manages for this number will be doubly reinforced by the sheer intensity in SPB’s voice. The wind instruments and guitar add drama to the lyrics that speak of agony and inner strength. Again on the Natabairavi scale but with a tinge of Mohanam raga notes. Could also hit the charts.

Yengay Yengay...

The earlier song, in a smaller format. But notice how the accordion-like sounds exude a strange sobriety. Falls smoothly on your ears, after the stormy first rendering.


Bharadwaj has added a lot of muscle to his music to suit the ‘Don’ type story. But his personal touch shines through in most of the songs. A jolly listen, no doubt, and a taut storyline and aesthetic choreography could well add to the songs.
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