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With Zero releasing on March 25th, we held an interesting chat with Thegidi and Sethupathi fame, composer Nivas K.Prasanna, who is the music director for the film. The fun filled conversation was full of insights into the young composer's journey to success.

Zero Special: Nivas.K.Prasanna Text Interview

Right from entry into Kollywood’s music industry to where you are now, tell us about your journey.

Thegidi,Sethupathi and then Zero, and now.... you’re INTERVIEWING me.

I decided to become a music director when I was very young. My parents took my interest seriously and shifted from Tirunelveli to Chennai where I started playing keyboard. So I actually began my career as a keyboardist. As a keyboardist I have played for many people, mainly from the classical side. I was in a lot of bands as well, as a keyboardist. And that is how I started doing jingles for commercial purpose. I had the chance to meet Santhosh from Think Music who introduced me to C.V.Kumar and that's how the journey started, Thegidi and then Sethupathi and Zero, and now you’re interviewing me.

Your Bharathiyar album with Saindhavi I believe is what gave you the break into the industry. She has also sung a song in Sethupathi. Tell us about her role in your success.

We both share a positive vibe and I’m sure that is what brings about the good songs.

Saindhavi and I, we’ve worked a lot together.I’ve played keyboard for many of her classical shows. Later we decided to do an album together called Kannamma based on Bharathiyar’s poem. That album is the one that gave me the break. I met Santhosh of Think Music regarding the album after listening to which he asked me if I’d be interested in composing for cinema. So I talked to Saindhavi about it and it paved way for Vinmeen. Even in my second album the song Hawa Hawa was a hit. We both share a positive vibe and I’m sure that is what brings about the good songs.

Tell us about your relationship with Anirudh

I was actually Anirudh's senior in our band

Anirudh and I are actually band mates. We’ve played a lot of music together. We’ve been to many college culturals and pro shows as a band. I was actually a senior to him in our band. So that vibe has always been there between us. Even after he got into movies we always kept in touch. After Thegidi he called me up to give his wishes. Anirudh generally is being roped in to sing Kuthu songs. So in Zero I wanted to try a different tune with him and that’s when I suggested the song Uyire Un Uyirena to him. I am very happy that the song has come out well.

There is a wave of new-age music directors storming the industry now. How do you plan to cope with the competition?

Competition to me is not one over taking the other

Competition is high. As far as I am concerned, the only thing that matters is hit singles. You got to keep giving hit singles. Competition to me is not one over taking the other. I don’t follow such thoughts, because the moment I do that I would be fixed on becoming better than Anirudh or Santhosh or anybody for that matter. Such thoughts would pave way for ego to play games, so I completely avoid such thoughts and concentrate on giving my best.

What is your formula for a composing a successful song?

I don’t restrict myself with any limitations

I don’t restrict myself with any limitations. I believe that when something is new and different, it will become successful. Of course there is the limitation of Pallavi and Charanam which like everyone else I’m also trying to free myself from. I sit down empty minded when trying to compose a new song. I believe that is when something from the heart will materialize.

There is an English song in Zero sung by ‘I’ fame Natalie. Did the script demand an English song or did you want to try something different?

Natalie liked the tune very much and agreed to sing the song

Actually there are only four songs in the movie. But I felt there must be at least five songs to make the album complete. So an English cover of the song Veredhuvum Nijame Illai struck me as a good idea. Natalie liked the tune very much and agreed to sing the song. Lyrics were written by Tyler Done in English. So that is how the song You Are In My Heart came about.

One actor/ director to whom you wish to score music for?

When it comes to the question of which director, it is surely Gautham Menon.

Definitely it is Thala. When it comes to the question of which director, it is surely Gautham Menon. In fact after Thegidi I approached him and he promised to keep me in mind. I know I will surely compose for them one day.



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