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Marudhanayagam is one project, which every single film buff would want to be revived. It was Kamal Haasan's dream project, which was initially started in 1997, but dropped due to budget constraints and various other reasons.


Even today, many people ask Kamal Haasan if the project would be revived. The latest updates make us wonder if the much awaited mega project is going to be revived soon. The Cannes Film Festival is currently happening in France, where Sundar.C's epic drama Sangamithra was launched. Alongside the posters of Sangamithra, the posters and stills of Marudhanayagam were put up on display. This has indeed made everyone excited, which has added to the buzz about the revival of Marudhanayagam.


Earlier, a few months back, rumors stated that Kamal Haasan is in talks with Lyca Productions to revive Marudhanayagam. However, there was no official confirmation regarding that. Now, with the posters being displayed at Cannes, is there any serious plans of reviving Marudhanayagam? Well, the answer should come from Ulaganayagan!


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