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It was a grand gala evening on the 11th June at Chennai trade centre where we had hosted our annual awards show. Ilayathalapathy Vijay was honored with Samrat of South Indian Box office and People’s Choice-Actor medals. Clad in a smart white shirt and a black trouser, the hero rocked it big time with his majestic presence and his acceptance speech.


Vijay said, “I am a regular follower of behindwoods and read their articles. They put in a lot of hard work for their articles, reviews and write-ups. When there is so much of hard work in such features, it is understandable about their efforts for such a grand event.


I have received two awards and it gives me a feeling of pride mixed with trepidation. Receiving public votes surely gives me a good feeling. When I think that I had 20 years under my control, I feel very proud.


At this juncture, I would like to talk about our farmers. We all wish well for each other. But farmers who wish well for all of us are not happy. This evening, we are all being awarded for our hard work, but I feel very sad for the farmers who are toiling hard unmindful of any returns for their hard work.


Right now, we are only eating unhealthy food and I am afraid even that may not be available for the next generation. We will only understand when a situation comes wherein, we will not have food even if we pay money. It is mandatory and urgent that we need to address farmer’s problems.  It is sad to note that after producing rice, farmers stand in the ration shop to buy it. India can consider becoming a super-power later, but first we should take care of our farmers”

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