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The anthology begins with Kalindi, a married professor in an open relationship, exploring her needs and desires in life. Having been married to someone much older to her and lacking the experience of ever being able to openly explore her wishes, she takes a step ahead to meet, mingle and share needs with different people, regardless of their age.

Through her journey in experiencing life, she unexpectedly falls into a complicated love web with a student (Akash) and is confused about her feelings for him. Holding on to her husband at the end of the day, she seeks to get closure with Akash. Anurag Kashyap takes it a step forward by creating the characters with depth and narrating it so finely, we almost live the character while watching them on screen. The impressive element of this story is how Radhika Apte aced the screen with her performance and did justice to her character.

Direction: Anurag Kashyap
Cast: Radhika Apte, Akash Thosar


This page hosts a weekly slideshow related to Tamil movies. Each slide includes a picture and some description about that picture. All the slides will have a recurring theme. People looking for actress stills, actress images, actor stills, actor images, movie stills, movie images, and other interesting topics, relevant issues in Tamil cinema will find this page useful. Anurag Kashyap | Lust stories review.