Action scenes are the ultimate fantasy of every movie fan, whether he/she is a thrill seeker or not. Here is the list of the greatest action and stunt sequences of Tamil cinema that has acquired a special place in the hearts of Tamil film lovers. These action scenes belong to various timefames and stood out during that particular period. Also the scenes are selected on the basis of the risk factor involved in its creation and the aesthetic quality in it.

Billa police pursuit sequence

Vishnuvardhan’s Billa cemented the position of Ajith as one of the top action heroes of Tamil cinema. The scene has a special place in the hearts of Ajith fans as this film marks the actor’s first onscreen car chase sequence, that too after the life threatening back injury caused during his stint as a car racer in real life. The chase unfolds in a terrain with a lot of skids and drags at the edges of the pathways.