Bigg Boss Tamil - the famous Indian version of the internationally acclaimed Big Brother show is currently commencing its season 4 with spectacular contestants and interesting content courtesy of the inmates.


So here, we have an overview for you to revisit these top moments that happened yesterday's (last episode - dated 30.10.2020 - Friday).

1. "Are you Bigg Boss assistant?"

Anitha speaks about Samyuktha's response at the task. "If you want to stop someone who is talking longer, then you should point out everyone." Sanam replied, "Yes, if the task does not have a timer, you have no rights to say someone should not talk. Are you Bigg Boss' assistant?"


Aari also supported Anitha's point of view. Samyuktha, who heard all of them talking about her, asked Sanam about the same. Sanam replied back saying she was responding on the incident, and Samyuktha was welcome to join them, who left the place. She went back inside the house and spoke to Bala saying it was Sanam who was trigger Anitha when the latter was not worried.