4. Sevvanthiye - Seeru

As I have been telling many times in my blog, he is Mr. Dependable, and personally I believe Imman definitely delivers rich music almost every-time he enters the fray. I recently heard a joke saying that Imman is “I” taken from Ilayaraja and “man” from Rahman, well the joke is on them, if he’s a combination of these two master musicians. This song reminds you of many older great songs, 'Ananda Ragam' from the movie Paneer Pushpangal and 'Thalattum Poongatru' from the movie Gopura Vasalile , and 'Taj mahal thevai illai' frmo the movie Amaravati which are based on the raga Simmendra madhyamam. Its wonderfully sung by the reality music contest sensation Thirumoorthy who was promised an opportunity by Imman and the latter has kept his word. Imman is all about his variations inside a song and his instrumental arrangements too and here also the violin interlude is pure magic.

Rating: 7.01 / 10