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Vocals: Bamba Bakya, AR Ameen, Suzanne D'Mello
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

Pullinangaal sounds more like a poem adapted into a song. And here, we remember the immensely talented late Na Muthukumar. Without his words, Pullinangaal wouldn't be as good. There's a very intimate conversation that happens between the human and the birds and it is brought to life with his words.

Getting into the musicality, AR Rahman sets up a serene world with this song. The tranquility is very endearing. Adding to that is Suzanne D'Mello's voice that forms the backing vocals and comes off as the guiding force of the song. Bamba Bakya's voice sounds like an earthy version of singer Mano and his rendition is almost flawless. Ameen joins mid-song for a cute verse and he aces it. 

The string section flows through this stream and holds the track right up when coupled with the female harmony. On the whole, Pullinangaal could walk straight through to the heart of the listener.


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