Review By : Release Date : Sep 23,2016 Movie Run Time : 2hours 30 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Gopuram Films Cast: Nassar, Pooja Devariya, Ritika Singh, Vijay Sethupathi Direction: Manikandan Screenplay: Anucharan, Arul Chezhiyan, Manikandan Story: Arul Chezhiyan Music: Krishna Kumar Background score: Krishna Kumar Cinematography: N. Shanmuga Sundaram Dialogues: Manikandan Editing: Anucharan Distribution: Sri Green Productions



Two friends Gandhi (Vijay Sethupathi) and Pandi (Yogi Babu), from a small town in Madurai dream to fly to London and make money, so that they can attain a financial status in the society. They come down to Chennai and with the help of a local travel agency, try to get their passports. Do they get it and travel to London? Where does their dream lead to? The film answers all these questions with a perfect mix of comedy, emotions, and realism.

Screenplay and direction


Manikandan is a proven director as we all know, and this film is yet another addition to the director's mettle as a storyteller. The screenplay has been written by three people, Manikandan, Anucharan, and Arul Chezhiyan. The trio has made sure that the film does not deviate from the core plot. The slow pace of the film is a concern, but, the light-hearted comedies and lively performances make up for it. The film is also quirky at places and conveys a socially relevant message beautifully in a realistic manner. Don't go late to the screens as the story starts right from the first scene. For the first time, Manikandan hasn't handled the cinematography and has solely concentrated on dialogues, screenplay, and direction.




Vijay Sethupathi has performed his role with ease and perfection. His dumb acts in the second half will surely be loved by all. Aandavan Kattalai is the fifth movie for Vijay Sethupathi this year, and he is sure to get accolades from various quarters for his stupendous performance. Ritika Singh is a charming beauty. Whenever you get to see her in the frame, it looks very colourful and beautiful. Though she doesn't have much portions in the first half, she scores in the second half. We see a different Ritika here (not the Irudhi Suttru girl) and her cute expressions are sure to win the hearts of many youngsters. Nasser and Pooja Devariya fit in their roles perfectly. Yogi Babu, not only scores in humour but also in emotions. Vinodhini, as the assistant lawyer, makes her presence count with a neat performance. Special mention and appreciations to the actor who plays the role of a Sri Lankan Tamil.




Shanmugasundaram's visuals are colourful and very much supportive of the film. The songs are montages and not choreographed, which helps the screenplay to move forward. A different musical approach has been handled and it works at places. Editing by Anucharan is apt and the transitions used, suit the mood of the film. Dubbing for Ritika in this film is given by a different person and it suits her character very well. Good choice of dubbing artist.

Verdict: A light hearted entertaining film that talks about a socially relevant issue


( 3.0 / 5.0 )


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Aandavan Kattalai (aka) Andavan Kattalai

Aandavan Kattalai (aka) Andavan Kattalai is a Tamil movie with production by Gopuram Films, direction by Manikandan, cinematography by N. Shanmuga Sundaram, editing by Anucharan. The cast of Aandavan Kattalai (aka) Andavan Kattalai includes Nassar, Pooja Devariya, Ritika Singh, Vijay Sethupathi.