A controversial draft bill called Protection of Children from Sexual Offences has just been cleared by the Cabinet. It raises the age of consent from 16 to 18 and has criminalized all kinds of sexual activities with minors. Punishment for such offences ranges from 3 years to lifetime imprisonment depending on the severity of the crime. The Good citizens of the country have risen up in arms against this bill fearing that youngsters curious about their sexuality will be unnecessarily persecuted and prosecuted while others feel the bill is necessary to protect minors from pedophiles and other sexual predators.

While the debate rages on, let us take a look at some of the underage romances seen in Tamil films. Most have been controversial while others have won plaudits for the sensitive handling of a touchy subject.
Developed by : Anuja  ;  Designed by : Murugan
Balaji Shakthivel’s Kadhal is considered a classic for the beautiful and tragic portrayal of a teenage romance. The couple had many factors working against them starting from their families, social backgrounds, and age. Yet when they were together their love felt right. It was criticized for adversely influencing impressionable minds and encouraging them to run away from their homes with foolhardy ideas of romance.
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