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From June 29th 2012 to July 12th 2012
Rankings based on :

• Audio sales at music outlets in Chennai.
• Radio and Television ratings.
• Number of online Downloads.
• Ring tones downloads.
• General Public reactions to the songs.

New entrants are slowly but surely invading the countdown but the old timers and favorites are still very much in the reckoning.Peppy melody numbers seem to occupy most of the spots. Take a look at this fortnight’s countdown for the current trendsetters in Tamil film music.
Song: Atha Magalayam...
Music director: D. Imman
Amara - Movie Gallery
A whole lot of rustic instruments make a presence in this folk song. The singers are also known for their expertise in such folk songs. The song creates a nice light hearted mood despite the heavy instrumental usage, thanks to the lyrics and the cheerful singing.



















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