Anna Hazare - the man who took the whole nation by storm and won the respect and support of old and young alike. We have seen things like this happen only in movies. This lone man who took the matter of corruption into his hands and decided to fast unto death was hailed as the modern Gandhi. Though none of our films showcased uprooting the evil through the non-violent theme, some of them had us thinking and spread the message. Here is a look at those films which condemned the evils in the society and tried to offer solutions to scrape it.
Developed by : Divya Murali  ;  Designed by : Muruganantham
Three government officials, for the love of money and power, wipe off an entire fishing hamlet. A small boy and an old man become the only survivors of this massacre. The little boy (Ajith) grows up and kidnaps those officials in broad daylight with his intelligent techniques. In the climax of the film, he reveals to the people about the evil things that were done and the people who were responsible for that. It seemed to point a finger at the large number of corrupt officials in our society.
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