Aishwarya Dhanush’s debut film was a bold film that chose as its subject matter, a mental condition known as bipolar disorder. Some critics feel that 3 takes a socially irresponsible stand on the condition by encouraging the harmful stereotype that the mentally ill are a danger both to themselves and those around them. This has a sparked a lively debate on the portrayal of mental illness in Tamil cinema. Let us take a look at the films that took a look at mental illness.
Developed by : Anuja  ;  Designed by : Muruganantham
Nadunisi Naaygal
In Gautham Menon’s dark film about a serial killer the villain is afflicted with schizophrenia due to the unspeakable abuse and trauma he suffered as a child. Gautham Menon’s unflinching portrayal was based on a real-life case study if the buzz is to be believed. He may be guilty of portraying those afflicted with this condition in an unflattering light but the fact remains that he also forced his audience to acknowledge that if society chooses to ignore its mentally ill instead of making sure they get help, the consequences will be dire for all concerned.
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