From the brief glimpses that have been given of Endhiran, a few moments have stood out that look like turning points of the movie and a few other moments look like they have been tailor-made for Superstar and his fans. Take a look at some of those moments and get a feel of the excitement that is going to hit you like a wave while actually watching it in theaters.
‘He is a one man army’!
This is how Vaseegaran describes his creation. Well, there has already been a bit of dust kicked up over the use of ‘an’ instead of ‘a’ (only regular Behindwoods readers will be able to grasp this!). The dialogue by itself gives us a clue of what Endhiran is capable of; he can take down a huge force all by himself. There is also a portion in the trailer where Aishwarya Rai refers to the Robot as a ‘Superhero’. One can’t resist the temptation to draw parallels between these dialogues and the accolades that have sometimes been showered upon Superstar. If one remembers rightly, it was around a decade back that Rajinikanth was first referred to as a ‘one man industry’. Indeed, when one man’s presence can create such huge frenzy, such unprecedented excitement, push ticket rates through the roof (you can take a Chennai-Delhi flight on one of those low cost airlines for the rates that are now being quoted for Endhiran tickets; in black of course – you got to be crazy to go anywhere near a counter), blot out all other movies from screens and public minds, and go for a record 450 shows a day in Chennai city only, then there is surely nothing wrong in calling him the ‘One man industry’. And, when the same man plays a ‘one man army’ on screen, it is totally acceptable and thoroughly enjoyable.
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