When it comes to film – making the director is without doubt the superhero behind the scenes. The director needs to keep one eye each on the production and technical team and a magic eye for the creative aspects of the film in addition to visualizing how the script can be sculpted into a movie with a coherent structure. Superheroes from mythology have easy jobs compared to the hassles of being a director.

Jokes aside, the director is the captain of the ship, who steers the lives onboard through the choppy waters and leads them safely to land. And the ones who can keep their cool when everything is going to hell, earn the respect of the team while bringing out the best in them, and make it easy for everyone to work with each other. These are the ones who can make a film and not have a cardiac arrest at the same time. These are the Kings of Cool!
Developed by : Anuja & Venkatesh  ;  Designed by : Muruganantham
Venkat Prabhu
Venkat Prabhu
Venkat Prabhu has set the bar very high for directors aspiring to join the cool club. He has a calm head on his shoulders and a sense of humor that is marvelous for diffusing tension from the sets. Those who have worked with him swear that he never loses his temper on the sets and has never yelled at anyone, ever! It has also been said that working with Venkat Prabhu is one big picnic (no surprise there!) as he makes sure his team gels well with one another and everyone shares a great vibe. This way his team works together and laughs together and therefore stays together and delivers awesome cinema.

Step aside Johnny Depp and MS Dhoni, Venkat Prabhu is the new Captain Cool.
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