Comedy is the most important element of every film since olden days. Comedians have carved a niche for themselves and the hero today is incomplete without a comedian by his side! Their chemistry matters as much as the chemistry of the hero and heroine. These funny bone ticklers have their own fan base.

Just like how our heroes have titles and some are known for their onscreen characters and the character names, some comedians of today are also popularly known by their onscreen names in a few films. The moment we mention the name of the character, however common the name is, the comedian springs up in our minds. Here we take a look at the characters that comedians played that is etched in to viewers mind and hearts and the names that became their aliases.
The ‘All in All Azhaguraja’
Ha! Do we even need to introduce this person to you? The All in All Azhaguraja is none other than Goundamani! He uttered this epic line in the movie Vaidehi Kathirunthaal and needless to say the film also had the usual crackling chemistry between Senthil and Goundamani. He takes the audience on to merry land with his antics and he is indeed an ‘All in All Azhaguraja’.
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