The 58th National Awards saw the Southern stars outshine their northern counterparts. The Tamil Film Industry had a grand total of thirteen awards making it the biggest winner of the year. Vetrimaran’s Aadukalam starring Dhanush had a dream run scooping up six awards. We always knew the Tamil Film Industry rocks big time and it is lovely to see that the rest of the country recognizes this as well.

This is not a new trend either. Come awards season and Tamil films are usually the frontrunners. And let us face it… we have some of the best actors and technicians in the country. Let us take a look at all the special people who won this year and in the years gone by and give them a giant round of applause. And the big winners are… (drum roll please!)
Developed by : Anuja & Inian  ;  Designed by : Muruganantham
Pithamagan won for Vikram, the National award in the best actor category. We say he should have won for Sethu as well.
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