The relationship between a director and actor is a synergistic one, with the end result seen on the big screen and which is hopefully greater than the sum of their individual capabilities. The director is the man with cinematic vision and he plies his craft behind the exacting eye of the camera whereas the actor is in front of it as the conduit through which his story is brought to life. The dynamics between the two is a crucial factor which allows the film to come into being without any deformities.

While it is true that genius like misery loves company, it is also true that when two talented artistes work together, sometimes their ego hassles can remind those surrounding them of squabbling spouses. But there are other times when the collaboration is close to perfect with the creative juices flowing freely, and the actor’s expression of the director’s fantasy taking wings and soaring towards excellence. The kind of excellence that leads to great films being made and leaving the director and his actor, proud parents. This slideshow is in honor of great director – actor combos who produced brilliant films which we simply cannot get enough of.
Developed by : Anuja & Inian  ;  Designed by : Muruganantham
Bala - Vikram
Vikram - Bala
Bala is the director with the mercurial temperament and the man who has been touched with genius. Vikram, for the longest time was the man who was at the back of the pack before Bala gave him the opportunity to unearth his phenomenal talent and surge ahead to take the podium which was what he deserved. The two came together for Sethu, one of those rare films which touches you to the core, reminds you of the simple pleasure of being in love.

This awesome twosome worked together in Pithamagan as well. A film that would go on to turn filmmaking on its head. The duo has two unforgettable films and two national awards to show for their work together. We seriously hope they work together again.
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