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By Naagaraj S | Oct 05, 2016

Kodi audio launch happened today, 5th of October at Prasad Labs, Chennai. The event was graced by the crew and cast members of Kodi.


Producer Vetri Maaran who spoke first said, "This is the first time I'm on stage as a producer. Half the things that happened to me and are happening to me in cinema are because of Dhanush. I thank him for that. I'm just a namesake producer for this film. The crew and cast are the ones who have put in all the effort."


Lyricist Vivek said, "I thank Santhosh Narayanan for giving me my debut in Enakkul Oruvan. I also thank him for giving me multiple chances to work with him in subsequent projects. I have penned 4 songs in this album. One song is a proof for Dhanush's fame which has spread across borders."


Anupama Parameshwaran of Premam fame who spoke later said, " I don't know Tamil and I apologize since I can't speak the language. When the director approached me, I was so excited to know that I will be working with Dhanush. I thank the director for putting up with my errors."


Music director Santhosh Narayanan quipped, " I have worked with an entirely new team and lyricist Vivek has done a fantastic job. I thank Dhanush for this project. I also thank Vetri Maaran for infusing me with confidence and positivity. I didn't have the belief that I could do the project. It was because of the makers that I could complete the project."


Director RS Durai Senthilkumar in his speech stated, "The dual role is inspired by Dhanush's ability to excel in both mass and class. After I approached director SA Chandrasekhar, he called me and told 'Not only my wife but my full family is a big fan of Dhanush."


Dhanush who addressed the audience at the end said, "Vetri Maaran is like my brother, a close friend and is someone who has always been by my side. I'm lucky to have such friends. And Durai Senthilkumar approached me with a project where I will play the hero. I asked him to approach after completing 2 projects. He kept his word and I decided it's my turn to do so. I thank the entire crew for this project who were more like a family. We have all been a part of each other's project for the past few years."


The event ended with playing out Kodi's trailer.

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