What is funny about Dhanush?


By Prathap

Though predominantly known for his complex roles and intense portrayals of varied characters, Dhanush has a funny bone that is unmistakable and has generated a few hit movies. Be it the waywardly bloke of Thiruda Thirudi or the smitten dude of Thiruvilayadal Aarambam, Dhanush proved that he knew his onions in comedy. Coinciding with this weekend release, here we present to you some of his movies that are laced with comedic entertainment.

Thiruda Thirudi - Though a love story, Dhanush as Vasu and his worthlessness displayed with incisive dialogues were so relatable that it proved to be the major reason for the movie's success (the other reason, of course, is Manmadha Rasa)

Thiruvilayadal Aarambam - You have to have some nerve to step up and counter your girlfriend's brother, who is a conniving man, to seek her hand. Dhanush's antics and the supremely enjoyable twists in the movie made it a hit.

Padikaadhavan - In a role tailor made for Dhanush, Padikaadhavan featured him as a youngster pining for love and going all the way to win the hearts of his girl and her thug of a father. All with a good sense of humor.

Naiyaandi - This week's release Naiyaandi will see Dhanush tracing his comedy roots and bringing his fans an entertaining tale of a man who owns a China shop (kuthuvilakku kadai, if you will). We are sure the movie will be a bull in the China shop and has immense comic potential.



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