Rahman's first impressions


By Prathap

As little time as he can devote in his home ground, the ‘Mozart of Madras’ ensures that he reserves special status for Tamil movies. Notwithstanding the fact that almost all of Rahman’s songs become phenomenal hits despite the movie's eventual standing at the box-office, a few of his songs bring in tremendous buzz to the movie as they become ‘instant hits’ immediately after the music is released. Here are the few that caught our immediate attention among recent Rahman albums.

1) Kadal Rasa Naan - Maryan has been in the news for Rahman's music, Dhanush's performance and Bharathbala's direction. The rollicking ‘Kadal Rasa Naan’ became an instant hit as soon as Maryan’s songs came out. Yuvan’s vocals provided the song that extra impetus.
2) Usure Poguthey - Karthik's association with Rahman goes a long way back but Usure Poguthey remained one of the highlights of his career and the song hiked up expectations like none other when Raavanan’s music was released.
3) Irumbile - Enthiran's Irumbile gave new definition to bubblegum-pop and Irumbile remained the face of the movie until it released, for its catchy tune.
4) Nenjukkulle - Although the placement of the song remained contentious in the movie, Nenjukkulle became the focus point of attraction before Kadal's release.
5) Hosanna - VTV's Hosanna became just that - a hosanna of sorts for the movie's release. An anthem that made the movie hugely popular even before its release



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