Meet Ajith Mahadevan!


By Prathap

Like Udit Narayan for Aamir Khan and Kumar Sanu for SRK, Ajith and Shankar Mahadevan are made for each other. They are like two bodies and one voice. At least when it comes to generating hit songs. Their recurring association is proof to their success. While their latest Arrambam title song is just released, here is a look back on their earlier successes.

Enna Solla Pogiraay - This timeless classic is what cemented their association. This song from Kandukonden Kandukonden became such a huge hit that it still finds place in all compilations of Ajith's greatest hits.

Kaadhal Website - This song from Dheena proved that not only songs with classical touch but also peppy songs can work in their combination.

Pookara Pookara - This folksy number from Citizen is further proof for the diversity this pair can pull off on screen when they are paired together.

Thaalattum Kaatre Vaa - One of the highlights of Poovellam Un Vaasam, this song catapulted Shankar Mahadevan's already elevated status further up in Tamil films.

Vilayadu Vilayadu - Kuthu songs? Sure, bring it on. This is the message Kireedom's Ajith intro song sent.

Hey Baby - you might not believe this jazz infused romantic duet in Aegan was sung by Shankar Mahadevan but it was.



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