Mani Ratnam plays


By Prathap

Although story and premise are prominent in Mani Ratnam’s films, many of his stories manage to squeeze in two male leads. There are two alpha male forces fighting it out, sharing lifelong friendships or even grief.  The tension / friendship makes for an interesting premise in his movies like these:

Thalapathy: The legendary friendship between the film's two leads Rajini and Mammooty contributed hugely for the movie's success, almost as much as its brooding backdrop and emotional story line.

Mouna Raagam: Karthik and Mohan share equal space in the movie. While the former livens up the proceedings, the latter is a picture of poise and dignity.

Agni Natchathiram: Two step-brothers and their egos clashing with each other made for very interesting movie watching and Agni Natchathiram succeeded in bringing the tension between them alive on screen.

Raavanan: Vikram and Prithviraj are the two male forces of the movie; one dark and the other honest and straightforward.

Aayudha Ezhuthu: There were not two but three male forces in the movie, Madhavan, Suriya and Siddharth.

Kadal: Kadal has two accomplished actors Arvind Swamy and Arjun in significant roles.



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