Learning from the Stars


By Prathap

The summer vacation is underway and even half-over. While the schools are poised to reopen for the next educational year, here is a look at the school teachers portrayed in recent times in Tamil movies. They are glamorous, after all they are in show business, but beware they are very effective.

Priya Anand - The latest teacher in Tamil cinema is the petite Priya who is slowly making progress in her acting career. Her performance in Ethir Neechal has come in for appreciation for its easy charm.

Sneha - One of the highlights of an important movie of the year, Haridass's Sneha is the teacher every child with a learning disability ought to have.

Samantha - The glamorous Samantha looked at ease with her teacher role at a Tsunami relief camp in NEPV.

Vega - Pasanga's Vega is a pretty, no-nonsense teacher signifying the rural school scene.

Jiiva - His intense performance had brought him to the fore in Katradhu Tamil. Jiiva proved that he is capable of pulling off multi-layered characters with panache as a failing Tamil teacher.

Vijay - Nanban had somewhat like a twist towards the end when his friends discover that Vijay has become a teacher.



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