Ilayathalapathy Vijay's style statements


By Abhishek Krishnan

Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar, now popularly known as ‘Ilayathalapathy Vijay’ has no doubt, managed to swathe a huge fan base, by his magnetic appearances in the movies over a career that has been burly for over a couple of decades.

He made his debut as a lead actor in the movie ‘Naalaiya Theerpu’ which was directed by his father, ‘S.A Chandrasekhar’. The actor has always been commended for his subtle nature and the softness in the way he speaks.

The changes in the way he looks too have been as subtle as the character of the man himself. He has not tried to make big changes in the way he looks, unlike other actors who appear on screen with different makeovers.

However, there have been slender changes in his appearances as he has matured as an actor over the years. Some of the outfits in his movies have also been style statements.

In movies like Poove Unakkaga, Love Today and Kadhalukku Mariyadhai he appeared with a bushy hair and a thin adolescent moustache. He later appeared in Kushi, Friends, Shahjahan and Badri with a thicker moustache and a clean shaven beard.

His looks changed in the movie Thirumalai, in which he was seen with a stubble. It suited him so well, that he has been maintaining the stubble ever since.

In the movie, Madurey, he wore a sleeveless military vest and had a handkerchief tied around his thigh. Many of his young fans adapted the style after the release of the movie.

The movie Sachein portrayed him all through in a winter wardrobe along with a grainy French beard.

The shirts he wore in Pokkiri, grasped the attention of a lot of people. He also had a handkerchief around his neck in the entire movie.

The actor appeared in colourful cargo pants and with unbuttoned shirts in Sivakasi.

In the movie Nanban, he appeared with spiked hair in the climax scene. The style was appropriate for the character he played.

His latest Thuppakki, portrayed him in sleek outfits throughout the movie. He had a Persian beard and a grainy moustache.

The actor has been making delicate changes in his appearances that are noteworthy and eye-catching beyond doubt. His ‘White Shirt, Blue Jean’ outfit in Thalaivaa is his latest style statement which appears set to hit the fashion wardrobes soon.



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