From ARR to Yuvan, GV has done it all ...


By Abhishek Krishnan

The film industry has been witnessing many sensational talents who simply flabbergast the audience with the skills they possess. Surprisingly, the younger quarter of the people has been sweeping away the industry with their immense talent and charisma, over the recent times.  They appear to be masters of their trade and concurrently the jack of a few others.

The amicability in the industry has made us spectators of some heartwarming moments where competitors support each other and work in each other’s venture. We have witnessed directors act in other director’s movies, actors making cameo appearances in other actor’s movies and music directors sing songs for other music directors.

One such music director who has been humbly lending his voice to his colleagues is G.V. Prakash. The musician struck his first chord in Veyil when he was around 20 years of age, after which he has tuned his career to perfection. The peppiness as well as the appeasing tone in his voice does have the ability to stir up the hearts of the listeners.

G.V Prakash’s voice has been used for quite a few songs by other music directors. He sang a song for Yuvan Shankar Raja in the movie ‘Biriyani’, which is expected to be released soon. His voice was also registered in the popular ‘Hello Miss’ from ‘Unnale Unnale’ and ‘Kaadhal Yaanai’ from ‘Anniyan’ which were Harris Jayaraj musicals.

Apart from these, G.V Prakash has also lent his voice to N.R Raghunanthan and A.R Rahman. Raghunanthan used his voice for the songs ‘Para Para’ and ‘Rekhai Mulaithen’ for the movies ‘Neer Paravai’ and ‘Sundarapandian’ respectively.

A.R Rahman, however, caught hold of the genius at a very young age. The very famous ‘Palakaatu Machanukku’ from the movie ‘May Madham’, ‘Chikku Bukku’ from Gentleman and ‘Acham Acham Illai’ from ‘Indira’ were sung by this young soul soother.  

The inducement in his voice and his delicacy that urges him to readily accept to furnish his voice, undoubtedly, makes G.V Prakash, ‘GENTLE VOICE PRAKASH’.



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