Directors with an ear for spellbinding music


By Prathap

While we are still too far away from ditching the song and dance routine of our movies, there is no denial that it is still considered to be staple entertainment to let our lead men to break into song and dance routines wherever possible. And who better than the directors to make good judgement about the songs in their movies. Here are a few directors whose films have always had memorable songs, despite the ultimate box-office status of the respective movies.

1) Mani Ratnam - His Raavanan, Aaytha Ezhuthu, Uyire and even the latest release Kadal might not have set the box office on fire but his songs have all been super hits. Part of the reason may be Rahman but Mani was never the one to settle for anything less.

2) Gautham Menon - Gautham is very particular about the songs in his movies, visible from the recently released NEPV and the not so popular Pachaikili Muthucharam that had fabulous songs.

3) Prabhu Deva - Director Prabhu Deva is not any different from dance master Prabhu Deva. In it that both of them pay attention to their songs - evident from the songs of Villu and Engeyum Kaadhal, two flicks that were sluggish at the box-office though.

4) Vasanth - If not for their stories, director Vasanth's movies are noted for their often mellifluous songs, as is proven in movies like  Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal, Satham Podadhey, Poovellam Kettupar and Yeh Nee Romba Azhaga Irukay to name a few.



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