By Kaushik L M

The music business is undergoing a sea change and so is the way music is being consumed by the audience. Some years back, music cassettes were the in-thing and later, music CDs came into prominence. Nowadays, the legal purchase of music CDs is dwindling and the internet is turning out to be the dominant medium for music consumption.

While legal music streaming sites aren’t yet high on the priority list of listeners, YouTube is a raging medium for them to listen to good quality music for free. Piracy is one detrimental consequence of this online boom and instances of singles, albums and even movies getting leaked illegally are on the rise. We look at such incidents of leaks which made it to the news headlines over the past few years

The Sarath Kumar – Shriya starrer Jaggubhai, directed by K.S.Ravikumar was leaked online in its entirety and this created a really bad lingering effect for the entire industry in 2010.

Recently, the Pawan Kalyan blockbuster Attarintiki Daredi was also similarly leaked. The entire first half was available online prior to the release and the industry was shocked. That the movie still managed to rake in the moolah at the theatrical box-office is a different story altogether.

Anirudh’s big break ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ managed to sneak its way thanks to a leak, a few days ahead of its sensational official release while Thalaivaa’s ‘Vaanganna Vanakkanganna’ rendered brilliantly by Vijay, also experienced a similar leak. Both these numbers became widely popular in their own scales, despite these mishaps.

Recently, Yuvan’s 100th album Biriyani, the release of which was supposed to be his crowning moment, was leaked in its entirety and all the songs were available many days ahead of the official launch. The industry was again shocked and Yuvan fans felt cheated by this cruel instance.

Just yesterday, the 18th of December, the songs of Ajith’s Veeram were illegally available ahead of the official launch on the 20th. The producers weren’t perturbed and notified that they were moving ahead with their initial plans of a 20th launch, at a popular radio station in the city. The songs were also made available officially in a popular streaming site, last yesterday night and the damage was undone to an extent.

Here’s wishing that we don’t have such leakages in future. Let’s raise a toast to more secure and safer content.



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