Bala's outlandish heroes!


By Prathap

Having carved a niche for himself with serious movies that often portray people from the lower rungs of the society, Bala is at it again with this week’s release Paradesi that delves into the lives of enslaved tea plantation workers from colonial India, in the 1930s. Whilst on the subject, the underdogs he portrayed in his movies before are worth taking a re-look at. Because he touched subjects no director would ever consider filming. 

After showing Vikram as a carefree college student who ruins his life in the name of love, Bala stripped down his charm and made him a graveyard caretaker in Pithamagan, a film that brought numerous awards and accolades to Vikram.

While we cringed upon even hearing the word Aghori, a sect of sadhus who indulge in outlandish practices, Bala went all the way to film the life of an Aghori sadhu and made Arya do the act convincingly. The same film had Pooja as a blind beggar girl.

Bala tested the waters of comedy with Avan Ivan, but in his own inimitable style. He casted Arya and Vishal as almost outlaws, small time pickpockets - one with squint so bad that you had a hard time believing it is Vishal onscreen.



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