Anthems of the day!


By Prathap

Actors quite often flaunt their multi-faceted prowess, away from acting. And it's most often singing. Kamal Haasan comes to mind straightaway when we talk about actors showing their singing prowess. Then Vijay stepped into the limelight and Simbu took it forward from there. During their earlier movies, when the trend was at its peak, at least one song in the track would be rendered by them. Now we have anthems other than the songs from the films and they are quite a rage. 

1. Closely on the heels of Dhanush's Kolaveri Di, Simbu released a Love Anthem for World Peace and raked in enough hits on YouTube. The song also became quite popular on the net.

2. Dhanush flexed his vocal muscles after the success of Kolaveri Di and released a Sachin Anthem that became a rage, thanks to the TV broadcasts.

3. There was a two-song Thalapathy Anthem recently made by Vijay fans to celebrate the success of Vijay's films. Vijay, however, is slowly returning to singing on screen in his movies now. 

4. If you have had enough of these sane anthems, we dare you to listen to the Terror Love Anthem by Powerstar Srinivasan. We bet, you can't hear it just once. And it's not for the light-hearted!



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