Animated reality


By Prathap

It might be true that we are miles away from making a Finding Nemo or any 3D animated venture but we have our fair share of success in animating objects into mainstream movies. Quite successfully at that too. For whatever mysterious reason, that genre remains rather unexplored in Tamil and we have less and less movies that feature an animated character. Here are a few that caught our fancy.

Raja Chinna Roja - This superstar movie blended animated characters into a song very interestingly and made it quite a rage in its times. The title song spun a story and was very endearingly received.

Aalavandhan -  It's arguably Kamal's technique to lessen the intensity of violence in Aalavandhan but the graphics evoked a sense of curiosity and helped the flow of the movie.

Mayakkam Enna - Quite recently, Mayakkam Enna employed the same trick in the Voda Voda song.

February 14 - In Bharath's romantic comedy, his conscience - an animated heart - pops out of his pocket every now and then to talk some sense to him.

Moodar Koodam - The upcoming Pandiraj produced, Naveen directed movie has also reportedly used the idea and has animated characters amid living ones. An interesting prospect given that the movie and its publicity material look very promising.



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