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Theatre issue in Kerala and Bairavaa release

In Kerala, there has been an ongoing issue on revenue sharing between the exhibitors on one side and the producers and distributors on the other side. This has resulted in no new Malayalam release for almost three weeks although other language films are sparred from this predicament.


Theatres belong to three different bodies, viz. Exhibitors Association, Exhibitor’s Federation and also the state government in Kerala. Of these 40% of the theatres belong to Exhibitor’s Federation who are apparently not agreeing for a solution.


Talks have been going on to solve this and an amicable solution is yet to arrive at. Now there is a buzz that there would be a lock-out situation which means that there will not be any movie release at all.


However, our sources state that such a situation will not happen and that the current trend of old movies playing in the screens will continue for a while till a permanent solution is reached.


Vijay has a huge fanbase in Kerala and his Bairavaa will soon hit the screens. Therefore, it is natural that fans might wonder if this tussle will affect the film. But, since the present crisis has not included other language films, Bairavaa is likely to remain unscathed.  Moreover, even if the theatres belonging to the Federation do not screen the film, the remaining 60% of theatres will definitely screen Bairavaa.


Let us hope that the parties come to an amicable solution soon.

Theatre issue in Kerala and Bairavaa release

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