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Sivakumar's statement against the ban on Jallikattu

Jallikattu protests have been taking place at various places all over Tamil Nadu, as we all know. Actor Sivakumar, who has always given his voice for many social welfare activities has opened up about this issue.

His statement reads, "The Kangayam bulls are known for its bravery and beauty, and they are Tamil culture's identity. We bring up the bulls with so much love, care and affection, and this practice of playing with the bulls is happening for the past 2500 years.

In Spain, they kill the bull with sharp sticks and use them as their food. Have you ever seen any bull getting killed here? This PETA organisation wants to import foreign cows and bulls here, and this is a ploy infused by them. If PETA has to ban the sport, I want to ask them just one question. India is at the first position in the export of beef. Have they banned that? Doesn't the Central Government know about this? Isn't this against bull slaughtering?

Thousands of young and energetic students are involved in a peaceful protest against this. They are doing this for the good of everyone. Supreme Court should realise this and lift the ban against Jallikattu."

Sivakumar's statement against the ban on Jallikattu

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