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Sarathkumar clarifies on his Rajini statement

It has been reported that Sarathkumar spoke against Rajinikanth which had not gone well with many people. Sarathkumar has clarified this in his official Facebook page in Tamil, the translation of which we give below.


“Today in the journalist meeting, after discussing many issues with my press brethren, I was asked my view point on Rajinikanth’s recent take on Tamil Nadu at the Tuglaq anniversary function. I replied that one needs to ask Rajinikanth to know about this and not me.


Later, when I opined that Tamil Nadu should be governed by a Tamilian, reporters asked what I would do if Rajinikanth starts a political party.  To this, I replied that although Rajini is my dear friend, I will oppose him if he starts a political party.


This is what happened but it was distorted by some people who had mentioned that I told that Rajini was not qualified to start a political party. This is not true.


While I am trying to reiterate that I am ready to face anything, I would like to tell my party brothers to counter this patiently with the help of police force.”

Sarathkumar clarifies on his Rajini statement

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