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MS.Dhoni stepping down from captaincy gets many film personalities nostalgic

A shocking news that has suddenly hit cricket fans world over is MS.Dhoni’s decision to step down from captaincy. The records that MSD has managed to break during his captainship for both India as well as IPL franchise, Chennai Super Kings can never be forgotten. His leadership has inspired numerous people and the unconditional love for MSD is something that is priceless.


On this note, a lot of film personalities and celebrities took to Twitter to thank him for his contribution to Indian cricket through his leadership and also expressed their sadness due to his sudden decision to step down as captain. Some of these Tweets are given below:


Arvind Swami- “Undoubtedly @msdhoni was one of the most innovative captains and players that I have seen in my lifetime. Thank you for your leadership


Sarath Kumar- “Talked less acted more.Promised less proved more.Unique style,will stay in our minds for long.We will miss you as captain #coolcaptainMSD


Editor Ruben- “#Dhoni - This man made me watch a match till end!A true inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve!Miss u captain cool #MSDFanforLife


Sushant Singh Rajput- “There is no one like you. You're the reason for millions of smiles. Take a bow my Captain.@msdhoni #dhoni


Shekhar Kapoor- “You made cricket exciting adventurous unpredictable glamorous. u gave us so many reasons 2 be proud. Thanks for these years Capt Cool #dhoni


Vikram Prabhu- “I believe He knows that Indian cricket is in a better place than when he entered.It's for the world to believe it's because of Him! #Dhoni


Bala Saravanan- “#Dhoni shocking,cant able to accept it..both kohli n dhoni r the pillars of our team but #Dhoni Decision is too early.. #LOVECOOLCAPTAIN


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MS.Dhoni stepping down from captaincy gets many film personalities nostalgic

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