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Kamal Haasan reacts to police setting fire in Chennai

Kamal Haasan addressed a press meet today (24th Jan) wherein he had expressed his feelings about yesterday’s unfortunate incident when a video footage of policemen keeping fire to an auto rickshaw went viral.

Kamal states, “I don’t know, I am shocked and I hope some kind of reasonable explanation is given which will calm us down. Because this will really scare a common man. He could become the victim of the arson or an arsonist himself. I only hope they are actors and not policemen, some actor like me wearing khakis!  I only hope they are not real policemen.

More people die in automobile accidents than jallikattu. We don’t ban driving or even the racing. So, should we stop racing because it is dangerous?

I am against any kind of ban, be it my film or my bull.  I was sitting here, crying hoarse for my film being banned for no reason at all. They said it’s an anti-Muslin film. It was NOT. Even then I shouted; if I had kept quiet then and shouted now, it makes me a coward. Now it makes me a sufferer who is remembering it when something else is happening to my people”.

Kamal Haasan reacts to police setting fire in Chennai

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