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Adangathey teaser review

The teaser of GV Prakash’s next flick, Adangathey, helmed by Shanmugam Muthusamy, is out and this time it seems like GV has chosen a very promising script which is definitely out of his comfort zone. 

The teaser of this film, which seems to be set in North India, looks interesting. GV seems to have experimented with a genre he hasn’t done before, an action thriller that involves terrorism. It starts off with shots of Varanasi and some masjids. They then show Mandira Bedi, as a top police official. She seems to be a tough lady who is heading a team of officers who are in search of 2 terrorists, Salim and Anwar. It looks as though Anwar is played by GV Prakash. Surabhi plays Anwars’s love interest. 

GV Prakash is introduced wearing saffron colored clothes. He has worked a lot on his expressions and he has tried to wear the serious look for the whole of the teaser. It does seem like a cat and mouse game between the cops and the “terrorists”.

Towards the climax of the teaser, GV utters the word, ‘KAALI’. Now this part of the teaser makes the viewers think. We are put into a situation where we need to contemplate whether GV’s name is Kaali or Anwar? Let us wait for further teasers and trailers to get more information! One thing to be noted is that Sarath Kumar, who is playing an important role in the film, did not feature in the teaser.

The major take away from this film will be GV Prakash’s experimentation into a new genre, which would help him showcase his acting talents and the music which is really intimidating!  All the best to the team!

Adangathey teaser review

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