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Puli actress Vidyu Raman talks about the challenges in shooting for her Lilliput role
Vidyu Raman, fresh from her appearance as Lilliput Kamakshi (aka) Kama, in the recently released Puli, talks to us about the challenges in shooting for this unique role and also about the comments that the film has been facing.
"I have seen the film twice in theaters; kids recognized me and were shouting Lilliput Lilliput. I am very happy to be among the very first and few Lilliputs shown in Indian cinema. My role was not just a breezy appearance, but traveled throughout the story. Generally I always have that doubt about my roles, as they have been chopped off at the edit stage, but in Puli, good justice was done to my role."
Regarding the technical challenges and requirements in shooting for such a Lilliput character, 
"We shot completely in the backdrop of green mats and blue mats. I had to put on heavy costumes and also get used to them. Muthuraj sir designed them. We (me, Robo Shankar and Imman Annachi) had to talk out our dialogues looking up at the sky and at posts and points, which denoted the other actors like Vijay sir, Thambi Ramaiah sir and the talking bird. In comedy, the presence of your co-actors is paramount but here it was a real challenge to perform in the absence of other actors and just imagine and react.
We used to see the scenes which were shot earlier with Vijay sir and co. and then shoot, or it used to happen the other way round with them shooting without us and with green dolls taking our place in their hands. I met Vijay sir just once during the Jingiliya song shoot, as all the other scenes were shot separately with us and them.
It was a real challenge, completely different from my regular experiences and totally unforgettable."
Regarding the mixed feedback that the film has been experiencing, 
"Social media has blown it out of proportion with unfair comparisons, memes and stuff. Agreed, personal opinions can't be culled but it has been very unhealthy in Puli's case. I know the hard work that our technical team put in over the past 6 months or so."


Puli actress Vidyu Raman talks about the challenges in shooting for her Lilliput role

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