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Cinematographer Manish Murthy begins his career in style
Debutant cinematographer Manish Murthy’s work in Unakkena Venum Sollu has been noticed by everyone and we catch up with him
I was born in Karaikal. But most of my schooling was done in Chennai. I did not have any formal training in cinematography and trained for the job while working with Sun TV. When Madras was launched, I got an opportunity to work as associate and I quit Sun TV to join the team. 
Current project
I have known Srinath, the director of Unakkena Venum Sollu for a long time. We had even worked on an earlier script but it never took off. Then Srinath and I started working on a short film called Theechedi. After that, we decided to do a feature film. Horror is the happening genre in Tamil right now and we decided to start this project. 
Working style
I had the freedom to do what I wanted. The director gave me enough space to show my creativity. Most of the shoot was in the night. I didn’t use too many artificial light sources and most of my scenes were lit naturally. It was a team effort. There was a bound script and everyone had read it. Most of the shots were decided on the set itself. The director and I discussed the scene and I shot it accordingly. 
We wish Manish Murthy all the best in his cinematic journey! 



Cinematographer Manish Murthy begins his career in style

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