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Ajith Kumar’s Thala 56 has been titled as Vedhalam.

Few hours back, we had informed you that Varam is believed to be the title of Ajith Kumar’s upcoming 56th flick directed by Siva. Now it is official that the film has been titled as Vedalam.

Apparently it is said that Varam was the second option but the team has finally zeroed in on Vedalam which means 'ghost'. Some might wonder why should the film be titled liked that? But we can also interpret Vedalam as something which is relentless like a phoenix. No matter how much you crush it, it booms back. It’s a quality that you could relate to Ajith Kumar; no matter how many failures he faces, he will bounce back like a phoenix.

Now coming to the first look poster; Ajith wears a super cool red kurta with short trimmed hair, a trim stubble, to go with a metal bracelet in one of the hands and a big stud in his left ear. A look that takes us back to his 'Red' days. On the whole Ajith Kumar looks super-charismatic and beguiling.


Ajith Kumar’s Thala 56 has been titled as Vedhalam.

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