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Vishal, a real hero off screen!

Vishal, a real hero off screen!!

Oct 31, 2014
Heroes have stopped staying heroes in just movies. Yes, we are talking about the bold hunk 'Vishal' who broke into a CD shop and caught the owner red handed yesterday (30th October) for selling pirated CDs. Vishal, who was returning from a theater visit and travelling to Pollachi for Aambala shoot, crossed a CD shop and had his doubts when he saw posters of Poojai and Kaththi. Immediately he asked his manager to check if the owner had been selling pirated CDs.
The team immediately confiscated all the CDs and actor Vishal himself enquired the owner about the details. The team called the police and the man was arrested. Pirated CDs have always been a major issue in the Tamil Industry. Celebrities have been doing campaigns and protests on the issue. Producers and directors put in a lot of effort to make movies and it is sad to see how the movies are taken into the wrong route. Nevertheless, hats off to Vishal for being a real life hero!


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Vishal, a real hero off screen!

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