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Ru and Alamaram - details here

5 men and a Banyan

Jun 20, 2014
Tamil Cinema has never faced a scarcity of stories and here are two upcoming projects that has a tree and a number as its basic stories respectively. 
The Banyan tree has always been a sacred and religious symbol, having roots arising from its branches, which after a period of time becomes the trunk of the tree. This is what the movie Aalamaram has to offer. Aalamaram is apparently the story of the people living in a village, which is around the banyan tree.
Shot in and around Madurai and Theni, Aalamaram produced by Peacock motion pictures is directed by S.N.Duraisingh, captured by Udhyaishankar and edited by Palanivel. Music is by composer Ram Jeevan and he has composed 5 different tracks that reflect the mood and intensity of the film. 
According to the makers of Ru - “‘Ru’ the single letter has a very significant meaning in Tamil. Right from the days of epic to the present days, the number five had always played a major part."
Indeed the number 5 has held major importance in history, and plays a major role in the movie also. Ru is a story about 5 unsociable characters in a failing and pathetic socio-economic/social scenario. The 5 characters are targeted by an angry young man, who is on a mission to change the social setting and remove the unfavourable elements. Upcoming actor and promising television artiste, Irfan plays the lead in Ru and Rakshita , Adhavan, Perarasu, Ravi, Meera  krishnan and Avinash appear in other pivotal characters. Directed by Sadasivam, Ru has cinematography by Naveen kumar, editing by L.V.K.Doss, art direction by Badri and Music by Srinath. 
Ru is set to hit the screens by mid July.


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Ru and Alamaram - details here

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